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The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast

Jul 28, 2022

It's been 15 years since Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone and as Russell York, CEO of Cosmo Technologies puts it we have "blazed past some disturbing mile markers."

Many are starting to take another look at the role of technology in our lives and beginning to determine ways to intentionally use it as a tool rather than being the end product that is used by technology as it collects our data, our money, and our time.

Through Cosmo Technologies and the JrTrack Kids Smartwatch, Russell York and team are proactively providing solutions that bring back balance by providing desperately needed tech options to parents. Why is there very little middle ground when it comes to technology - especially technology for kids? Why doesn't Apple have a kid's phone? Google? The answer which we discuss in this podcast episode is fairly shocking.

This is hard time to be a parent. Thankfully, companies like Cosmo Technologies are making it easier to "Take Back the Neighborhood!"

Join us as we discuss the disconnected childhood experience, how to grapple with addictive screen devices, and what option we have as parents to help give our kids more freedom and more memorable and meaningful outdoor play moments.

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