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The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast

Jul 21, 2022

When kids have adult-directed activities filling every nook and cranny of their childhoods, they lose the ability to be a self-starter. They miss out on key developmental periods where the experiences of simple play help them learn to be creative and adaptable.

Kim John Payne (author of Simplicity Parenting and many other books) co-wrote a book called "Beyond Winning: Smart Parenting in a Toxic Sports Environment" with Luis Fernando Llosa and Scott Lancaster and it probably wouldn't have been a book I would've initially picked up but Kim introduced us to Luis and I'm so thankful the path of my life led me to this book.

It is filled with rich parenting and life insights. While youth sports culture is sufficiently covered, so are a considerable amount of other topics that are timely and needed for today's parents. We discuss the power of play, boredom, the upcoming job market, the gift of anticipation, peer mentoring, learning for mastery, how to respond to loss and failure, what should define success in childhood and in life, and more!

Beyond Winning went right to the top of my list as a favorite parenting book.

You can learn more about Luis at Whole Child Sports:

You can purchase Beyond Winning (and many other phenomenal books) here:

Finally, you can pre-order Luis's newest book with Kim John Payne that releases August 9th, Emotionally Resilient Tweens and Teens here: