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The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast

Aug 24, 2022

What’s coming and how we should be preparing our children?

Ryan Collins, President and CEO of Bethel Tech gives us a solid view into current trends in the job market and what the future may hold.

He explains why character traits such as trustworthiness, empathy, brave communication, healthy relationship and community are highly sought after characteristics by employers and he helps us understand why childhood is meant for play. Ryan reminds us that "Play is the impetus for creativity." Screens can come later. In fact, with little or no background in tech at all it takes just nine months to become proficient enough to land a high paying career in a rapidly changing job market.

This episode is fascinating. We discuss aligning the future of education with the future of work and Ryan explains how they are doing that right now at Bethel Tech.

Bethel Tech is the first and only Christian coding school in the world. Located just over three hours from Silicon Valley, they are getting invited into places like Facebook, IBM, Google and Apple because of the quality of graduates they are churning out.

Their brand-new high school program kicks off on September 12, 2022 so make sure you listen in before then! This is an episode for everyone to listen to and pass on because you'll walk away with a lot of insight on today's fast moving labor markets, many of which no longer require a four (or even two) year degree. Bethel Tech provides options for high schoolers, college aged students (think gap year), and career pivoters of any age.

Bethel Tech offers what so many need right now and they are also continuing to look into the future to adapt their educational offerings to iterate and to continue to align with the needs of companies.

Bethel Tech is offering a $50 tuition reduction off each of their high school courses and $1000 off of their full program to 1000 Hours Outside listeners. Be sure to mention it when you hit the "I'm interested" button.

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