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The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast

Nov 24, 2021

Listen in as John Muir Laws (AKA Jack) highlights a litany of benefits simply from throwing a nature journal and some drawing materials into your adventure bag and using it a few times a week. Learning how paying sustained, compassion attention to nature and to the people in our lives can profoundly change the ways we...

Nov 18, 2021

Our bodies talk to us all day long and because of the world that we live in now, we've been trained not to listen to it. American actress Nikki DeLoach walks us through how she uses movement and nature to move grief and trauma out the body. She also gives practical ideas for teaching our children to listen to...

Nov 11, 2021

Sharon Lovejoy's books changed our lives. Her incredible knowledge, wonderful writing and genuine warmth are simply delightful. In this episode we talk about fun topics like:

* how a garden is a magical thing and it costs virtually nothing to introduce your kids to this and to have real adventures together. 

* leading...

Nov 4, 2021

*Play is the main occupation of children.

*Kids are experiencing an unrelenting sitting routine that is wreaking havoc on children's minds and bodies.

*We want kids to move in ways that make adults gasp.

*A child who is spinning is trying to organize their brain.

*We're not allowing kid's neurological systems to do...